Demarlie Rochester is a New York-based runway model, actor, and entertainer. He is currently signed to a reputable agency.With his striking looks and confident demeanor, Demarlie has graced numerous prestigious runways, leaving a lasting impression on audiences
and industry insiders.
Jonah Caraballo, a seasoned model for 5 years, has graced runways and commercials, showcasing versatility. Hailing from Queens, NY, now based in New York, he intertwines modeling with a minor acting background. Published in magazines, his journey reflects passion and dedication.
Meet Jaciah Cornelius, a Brooklyn native with a passion for editorial, e-commerce, and runway modeling. Versatile and open-minded, he's always exploring new lanes in the modeling world.
Jayquan Johnson, a seasoned NYC-based model with a decade of experience, specializing in swimwear. Beyond modeling, he's an upcoming fashion designer with a passion for acting, always eager to explore new opportunities in both fields.

Introducing Alahji Robinson, a Brooklyn-born award-winning runway and print plus size model, also based in PA. In addition to his modeling career, Alahji is an aspiring actor with credits to his name. Known for his philanthropic efforts, he frequently organizes charity fashion shows in New York and Pennsylvania, with proceeds benefiting underprivileged families.